We help companies become better innovators


You say…
We respond…


I want to build a strong innovation culture in my organization

Culture eats structure for breakfast and we all know it! By focusing on key innovation behaviors, we can help you and your organization build a culture where innovative thinking is part of everyday work.


I’m tasked to develop one of our products in order to retake our market leading position

Who are your stakeholders and what problems and unspoken needs do they have? Where are you most likely to succeed? This is where the innovation project starts and from there we guide you from insight to ideation onto concepts and patents.


I’m CEO of a company with sinking margins and we are now starting up innovation WORK

What types of failures do we need more of in order to succeed? And in what opportunity areas? These questions should be answered in your strategy which is something we can help you create.


Sounds familiar, what is the next step?

Setting up a meeting to go through your current situation and wanted position, together we paint a picture of the possible solutions for filling that gap. We promise you a Pollen moment (TM)


…in order to help our customers outsmart their competition


How we help you create newness

We help organizations become better innovators by putting an innovation strategy and an innovation culture in place. Those who do, achieve a 17-30% higher value and profit growth (Booz, 2011). We also help you create better innovations through our process for running innovation projects, called “Aim, Think, Do”. Even though these three paths have different starting points and generate different short term results, they all lead to becoming better innovators. What path will you choose to walk?

Pollen ideas innovation process

The art of embracing uncertainty